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Online Visual Presentation of Proposal 

Proposal by Owner - Malvin H. Gordon | Created 2009 - Revised 2013 | 



Premium Rush has the intention to provide to millions of visiting Tourist guest to the Bahamas and our local market, a one of a kind thrilling, “breathtakingly unforgettable” on water experience; the first of its kind in the Bahamas. A fun, exciting, heart pounding, breathtaking action-packed adventures with the very highest levels of fun and safety. This adventures are called Premium Rush. The thrills can be compared to flying free, fun on the waters  of our beautiful coastline, breathtaking veiws, and historic harbor. Our tourist/ guest will end their experience in an explosion of our local Bahamian culture, with junkanoo music, interactive song and dance and photo ops with our local culture team.


Our VISION is to provide a distinctive truly unforgettable experience, filled with fun and

excitement with a unique cultural flair. For a most memorable time for all our guest.


Our Unique offerings is a multi blend of exciting one of a kinda experiences. Not only does it gives the business an edge in innovation, but also multiple streams of active income.  These include :

Jet Boat Tour Experience | Water Sports |  Couples Getaway | Jet Wave/Boarding

Below are a collection of photos and video to give a visual representation of what Premium Rush intends to establish...

Note: Malvin Gordon being a destination photographer personally shot most of the video and photos below. Also was present at the launch of some of the products presented. 

Jet Boat Tour Experience - Main Offering (in terms of income generator)

Our primary product offering, is our custom/purpose built 28ft, 24 +1 passenger state-of-the-art aluminum jet boat, that is said to be unsinkable due to its unique design, that rides like a jet ski on the surface of the water. With only four inches of draft they have the unique ability to do amazing turns and spins. The maneuverability of this craft is a special feature and unmatched by any other design. The ride is a combination adrenaline buzz of white-water rafting with Nascar® racing. The style of driving ensures passengers have a safe thrilling ride – and best of all – it’s suitable for most ages. 


While our experience will be a little different from what you see in the video, this is will be our primary tour scenic, thrilling ride. In Nassau, We'll start off on the western end on the Nassau Harbor, for a taste of speed and thrills. We'll then take you for a slow speed tour past the historic sites, of the harbor, and the Nassau coast, Fort Charlotte, downtown Nassau, the straw market, Atlantis, Fort Montagu. Then we'll take off up the east coast, spins and turns, head back on the west coast return to Rip It Up before ending the adventure! Guaranteed to be a PREMIUM RUSH! Upon de-boarding, guest are met with the sound of junkanoo music and a blast of culture with lots of photo-ops


Wake Board Experience  (No its not water-skiing)

The second of our products and offerings will be a dual role vessel. The Sea-Doo 230 Wake is the vessel.  This will be our primary safety boat, that will trail, and or be on the ready in the event its needed during a jet boat and other tours. With this vessel we are poised to tap into the a growing worldwide fun sport of wakeboarding. The 230 Wake model from Sea-Doo offers plenty of space for fellow watersports enthusiasts with lots of options. If you've ever ridden the Batman roller coaster at Six Flags, then you have the feel for the acceleration a 510 Rotax jet-drive horsepower provides to Sea-Doo's new 230 Wake. And with Sea-Doo’s reputation for fun, safe family watercraft this vessel is ideal for its purpose.


Wakeboarding is the latest action sport to take over the world. Born through a lack of waves and the desire to further surfing, wakeboarding is gliding, riding and ski on the wake made by the boat towing the wake-boarder.


WAKEBOARD TOURS - These are group tours that last 2 hours. Groups of 10 persons max are taken to the coolest spots to rise the waves and wakes, to their heart contents, performing stunts, flips, twist and turns. Wakeboarding for beginners will also be offered.


W.O.W Watersports Experience 

Re-birthing the fun and excitement of water toys and inflatable. Introducing all new concepts in watersports tubing. Gone are the days of the typical banana boat ride, with are partnership with W.O.W we ‘turn-up” family fun for all. Our goal is to create a watersports park experience, one cost multiple ride options.  SUB-WING | SEABOB



The Getaway Experience 

An All-Inclusive experience. With more than 60% of persons visiting our islands are newlyweds on honeymoon and many on anniversary trips, and couples generally. We have designed and will offer a unique getaway for such guest, a time for them to be ‘in-love’ alone together in this paradise we call the Bahamas.  This will be achieved by filling a Luxury Sea-Doo GTX Limited Edition personal watercraft with lots of goodies, preparing an exclusive spot on a deserted beach and letting the couple drive off to their destination for some alone time. This will be filled with Bahamian cuisine, special all Bahamian trinkets, and a photo sesson for the memories.


Jet Powered Watersports

After meeting Frany Zapata, an shooting his brothers wedding I (Malvin Gordon) was introduced to the Flyboard in 2011, at the time is was just something Franky was working on until it was released at the Jet Ski world championshiop in Japan in 2012. I was lucky enough to be present during this amazing display. (see zapata racing video below I was on the team that shot it). This high-end watersport of the stars quickly grew and has only been available to the privileged. It’s a unique experience, one like you will never forget. These are the Flyboard also known as the Flyboard and the AquaJet Pack which came around after. These are accessories that attaches to the jet discharge of a Personal Watercraft (PWC) and uses the jet discharge of the PWC to propel the device through the air and water. These produce almost 400 pounds of lift of pure adrenaline pumping, heart pounding, eye catching fun! While a few other manufacturers have develop product, the original design and patent is stil superior.  Our goal is to ad a compliment of all jet powered products.  We will be bring and array of jet power products Boards, Kayaks , Bikes , Packs. check out the videos.




As you have seen, Premium Rush is a compilation of new exciting services that give this project a unique edge.  Please contact me for a PDF of this business plan as we see funding at this time. 







There has been a locally company marketing on of our product offering being first to market. There product  offerings differ from what we offer, also the market still as room for Premium Rush.