The Gray Family


As you know, family photo sessions are a favorite, and hanging with the Gray family on Christmas day was no exception. This family was a handful, a huge 4 generation loving family. 


Our fan, and sweetest client chanelle contacted us to shoot her family on christmas day. Very humble with her request at the time, hoping for a favorable response, could not resist. It was a very warm reception as everyone was in the christmas spirit and off course buffet mode, as the aroma of DELICIOUS food filled the house. It was a fun time shooting will with laughs from trying to organize the 30+ family members to simply sit on the entry stairway, to the elegant fun loving sisters and mothers that run the family having laughs with the birthday sister. They were truly the youngest persons there. Off course they would not let us leave without stuffing us full off scrumptious food. So yes, kudos to this family and their awesome hospitality, and Thank You!